Behr Paint VS Sherwin Williams

Behr Paint VS Sherwin Williams

Paint not only gives your walls a fresh, clean look, but it also extends their life by acting as a barrier between the walls and water, moisture, and sunshine.

Sherwin Williams products outperform Behr ones in terms of coverage, color consistency, in-store service, and long-term value; Behr paints, on the other hand, are more affordable and thicker.

Both have a reputation for offering exceptional durability and coverage, and they both provide a variety of interior and exterior paints and stains. What distinguishes the two, then? What shade of paint need to be used to your next project?

An overview of both paint companies will be provided in this article. We shall contrast them based on a number of criteria, including price, consistency, adherence, etc.

Behr Summary

While Behr, founded in 1947, is a newer business than Sherwin-Williams, it has a lengthy history as one of the largest paint manufacturers globally. For practically every project, Behr offers over a dozen paint options.

The most well-known item produced by Behr is Premium Ultra paint. Also, it offers a lot of coverage, partly as a result of the paint being among the thickest available.

One of Behr’s drawbacks is that it doesn’t have as many color options as its competitors. Moreover, it is less durable and more difficult to clean, and because of its thick nature, drips might be an issue if you aren’t using a sprayer.

Summary of Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams

Since its establishment in 1866, the Sherwin-Williams brand has unquestionably prospered. As the brand is typically thought of as a luxury paint, its quality is quite good.

People evaluating the brand frequently choose products from the Sherwin-Williams Emerald collection. The company also sells a variety of paint brands, each with its own advantages. Also, this paint manufacturer makes large investments in research and development (R&D), which enables it to continually develop novel, intriguing features.

Durability & Quality of Paint

When it comes to durability, Sherwin-Williams greatly outperforms Behr. Overall, Sherwin-Williams withstands wear and tear effectively. Moreover, it resists scuffs, chips, and scratches. This makes it an excellent solution for high-traffic areas, homes with children or pets, or any other situation where toughness is essential.

Behr paint has a little issue with durability. Behr isn’t the easiest material to clean, it’s less durable, and it can crack under strong heat. Because of this, it could not work well in regions with a lot of traffic.


Sherwin-Williams or Behr paint shouldn’t often cause adhesion issues as long as you use the right materials and take care of any required preparation. Any of the brands can adhere effectively to broad tasks. Also, both paint manufacturers provide specialized items for challenging surfaces, such as bonding primers.

Any brand may experience adhesion problems if the improper tools are used or if proper preparation is not done. If you wish to stop them, be sure to follow any additional steps and use a paint line that is designed to adhere to the surface you’re painting.


Sherwin-Williams and Behr are comparable to one another in terms of VOC. Both businesses provide paints with no VOCs and a range of low VOC alternatives. Thus, if it’s a top priority, any product will do.

Behr has a higher VOC than Sherwin-Williams when comparing all paint lines, so if you decide to go that path, you might need to do a bit extra homework to make sure you choose the right Behr product. Keep in mind that some Sherwin-Williams paints have greater VOC content.


The consistency of Sherwin-Williams and Behr paints is thick. Behr, on the other hand, is much thicker and is not ideal for brush application. A single coat will offer good coverage, but you might need to use a sprayer to get rid of drips and keep the finish consistent.

Paint from Sherwin-Williams is a little bit simpler to deal with. It is less likely to leak even if it is thick enough to require fewer coats. In addition, a few Sherwin-Williams paint lines self-level as the paint dries, eliminating any unevenness.

Coats and/or Coverage

Behr Paint

In terms of coverage, Sherwin-Williams performs better than Behr. A gallon of paint does not cover as many square feet as some thinner brands since both are heavier paints. Nevertheless, whereas the majority of Sherwin-Williams products would cover at least 300 square feet, a can of Behr might only cover 250.

400 square feet per can is often the greatest coverage level offered by both businesses. So, the way you submit your application matters. If you use a sprayer, you can get any brand’s coverage levels closer to their maximum limits. Yet, Behr is more likely than Sherwin-Williams to have a significant decrease in total square footage whether you use a brush or a roller.

You can often get solid coverage with either brand in one or two coats since Sherwin-Williams and Behr are thicker paints with strong pigments. Even when replacing a darker paint with a lighter one, a single fresh coat of paint could be sufficient.

Yet, it does not follow that you shouldn’t typically prepare for two coatings. The only exception may be painting a wall again in the same color to give it a new appearance. When that occurs, one coat may be sufficient virtually usually.

Duration in Years

The Sherwin Williams interior paints ought to hold up just as long as their external counterparts, in theory. Yet after three to four years, the majority of individuals are ready for a new shade. Yet, Sherwin Williams interior paints can last seven to 10 years if the surface has been properly prepared.

Unopened cans from Behr have a two-year shelf life, but opened containers can survive even longer if stored at room temperature and off the floor.

Drying Time for Paint

Because they are heavier paints, Sherwin-Williams and Behr need extra drying time. It may take up to 4 hours for Behr to feel touchably dry and up to 8 hours for it to be ready for a new coat.

Sherwin-Williams often has wait periods between one and four hours. Although though the two paints’ entire drying durations are comparable, they frequently vary from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the location, the quantity of coats, and other pertinent circumstances.

Optional Paint Colors

The amount of hues is one area where Sherwin-Williams and Behr are comparable. In comparison to Behr, Sherwin-Williams offers more than 1,400 hues. Although this might seem like a big difference, in the world of paint, it isn’t.

Yet Sherwin-Williams much surpasses the competition when it comes to color matching. Due to its industry-leading software development, the firm has an edge against Behr in this situation.

Prices are compared

In general, Sherwin-Williams paint is more expensive than Behr paint. If you’re undertaking a significant endeavor, such as repainting the entire house, the price difference in certain situations might be as much as $10 to $20 per gallon can.

Behr isn’t always inexpensive per gallon, either. Instead, its price tags frequently range from moderate to high; they rarely exceed Sherwin-Williams levels.

What Color Is the Best for Your Home?

Ultimately, there are benefits and drawbacks to both Sherwin-Williams and Behr. Sherwin-Williams typically outperforms Behr paint in the Sherwin-Williams vs. Behr paint comparison, notably in terms of hardness, washability, and application ease. In general, Sherwin-Williams is a better choice if you don’t mind paying more.

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