Behr vs Benjamin Moore

Behr vs Benjamin Moore

Have you ever redone your house and added all the unique features, only to find that something was still missing? Finding the right brand and the right hue is always a renovator’s key to creating a pleasant space for everyone.

Choosing colors you adore when choosing paint is the simplest strategy. Yet picking the best paint brand from the various options is just as difficult as picking the correct hue. Throughout your study, you could have run across the Behr vs. Benjamin Moore controversy and wondered which business is the better investment.

What distinguishes one paint brand from another specifically? Is it the cost, the project, or the durability?

We’ll go into more depth regarding the Benjamin Moore vs. Behr argument in this blog article to help you make a better decision about which company produces higher-quality paint.

Behr Summary

One of the top providers of paint and decorative finishes in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Chile, and China is Behr Paint Company. The company, which was established in 1947, strives to satisfy clients’ expectations whether working on a home or commercial project. Also, the business sells mostly Home Depot’s merchandise through a retail relationship.

The paint holds up well.

One of the most stain-resistant paints you can get is this one.

Paint that resists scuffs will keep the paint appearing fresh for a long period.

It dries quickly, minimizing delay and enabling you to resume your normal activities.

Due to its antibacterial and mold resistance, it effectively combats mildew and mold.

Behr Summary

Outline of Benjamin Moore

The Benjamin Moore-founded business has been in business since 1883, creating paint of the finest and greatest quality for use in both commercial and residential settings. The business has an experienced staff that provides consumers with long-lasting, high-quality paint. Also, the business offers consumer-friendly items that are sold at its retail locations.

You may choose from more than 3500 distinct types of colors offered by the manufacturer to use on various finishes.

As Benjamin Moore paints are allergy-free, you’ll never experience any discomfort when painting.

provides a slick finish.

Two hours after application, your exteriors can resist rain without suffering any damage.

Durability & Quality of Paint

Although most people believe that the two brands are of high quality, you should evaluate the longevity and quality of the paint. High concentration in high-quality paint makes it stay and resist fading. The contrary is true with poor paint. In addition to longevity and paint quality, consider the following:


For any painting project, adhesion refers to the tenacious link between the surface and the coating. It is a crucial characteristic in painting since it guarantees that the layer will remain on the painted surface for a long period.

It also directly affects how long the paint will last. Customers of Behr complain about the paint’s variable results and poor adherence, although Benjamin Moore advertises great adhesive qualities.


The paint contains volatile organic compounds if it is VOC. Such colors are also water soluble and may cause major health issues in the future. Low VOC paints are therefore regarded by experts as a secure choice for both home and commercial use. In the Benjamin Moore vs. Behr dispute, Behr’s products have low VOC whereas Benjamin Moore’s do not. As a result, both brands benefit from this feature’s great coverage and superb finish.


What about Behr paint? Customers of Behr have long complained about the unpredictable consequences of their paint. Yet, Benjamin Moore provides exceptional consistency and a perfect outcome. Because of this, choosing this brand will ensure that the majority of individuals who are painting will achieve high-quality outcomes.

Coats and/or Coverage

Benjamin Moore’s painting job just requires one coat, which works out fantastically compared to the two or more treatments that experts often advise for Behr paints. The low VOC of Behr makes it difficult to distribute the paint, forcing you to apply extra layers. Choose Benjamin Moore paint instead of Behr is therefore a superior choice.

Duration in Years

After around five years, some experts advise altering the colors in your house or place of business. Unfortunately, the cost of purchasing paintings and employing someone to do the work is high. Thus it’s important to consider the brand durability of the paint. For those who don’t mind repainting their homes every three years or so, Behr is the ideal option. Without the need for repainting, Benjamin Moore lasts for more than 10 years and continues to appear like new.

Drying Time for Paint

Drying Time for Paint

Depending on the climate, Behr paint may take six hours to dry. Once your initial coating has dried, give it another coat with primer or a water-based paint. Make sure you are not in a rush because it may take up to 24 hours for the primer by Behr business to dry completely after mixing the two materials.

The paints from Benjamin Moore, on the other hand, take around an hour or two to dry. Thus, leave your walls to remain unaltered or without recoating for around 16 hours when utilizing alkyd or acrylic latex options. Use a powerful fan to speed up the process by doing so while painting in between applications.

Optional Paint Colors

Most individuals question themselves, “Is Benjamin Moore excellent paint?” before beginning any job. You may choose the best color for your project out of more than 3500 options. You may even view your own particular color palette online thanks to the company. Also, Behr provides more than 1000 color collections, from which you may choose the one that best suits you utilizing their online color studio. Once more, you can virtually paint any space with Behr colors using this program.

Prices are compared

Although Benjamin Moore costs a little more than Behr, it is well worth the money. Around $65 is spent on a single Benjamin Moore can, but it is money well spent. Choose high-quality paint when painting display rooms, for instance, to prevent having to repaint it after a few months.

What Color Is the Best for Your Home?

Everybody has an opinion on which brand of paint is superior to another. Some individuals are persuaded to use Benjamin Moore, while others choose Behr, which is less expensive and nevertheless useful to the majority of people. Although Benjamin Moore provides more color possibilities than Behr and more favorable customer ratings and reviews, the decision-making process is in your hands. Consider your choice, the color you require, and the price range when deciding between two popular brands.

Both businesses have a good reputation, but because of Benjamin Moore’s longevity and coverage, some claim it is superior. Benjamin Moore consistently ranks as the best paint for both commercial and residential applications among the two businesses’ exterior and interior paint offerings. Whatever brand you choose, both are remarkable, high-quality, and easily accessible.

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