18 Inch Paint Roller

Best 18 Inch Paint Roller – Top 5 Selection for 2023

Selecting a paint roller may seem the easiest part of the painting. But is this really so? Because how the paint is going to set depends on the roller. Besides, there are different measurements for every size of the wall.

For example, the best 18 inch paint roller is most suitable for a large wall, ceiling, etc. this is also the standard size for the large roller. Moreover, there are some specifications that make a roller good.

Our research team has found top 18 inch paint rollers that are good in quality and can be used effectively.

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Purdy 18 Inch Paint Roller | Woven Dralon
Purdy 18 Inch Paint Roller | Woven Dralon

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True Blue 18 Inch Paint Roller | Excellent Coverage
True Blue 18 Inch Paint Roller | Excellent Coverage

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Purdy 18 Inch Paint Roller | Knitted Polyester Fabric
Purdy 18 Inch Paint Roller | Knitted Polyester Fabric

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Wooster Brush 18 Inch Paint Roller | ⅜ Inch Nap
Wooster Brush 18 Inch Paint Roller | ⅜ Inch Nap

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Wooster Brush 18 Inch Paint Roller | Rough Surface
Wooster Brush 18 Inch Paint Roller | Rough Surface

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Best 18 Inch Paint Roller Reviews

The following section discusses the top 5 18 inch paint roller for ceiling and other uses.

1. Purdy 18 Inch Paint Roller | Woven Dralon

Professional painters or who are very picky about the painting and want everything on point, this 18-inch roller is for them. The roller provides a very smooth and nice finishing touch.

I have tried a lot of paint rollers, the cheaper and the expensive ones. But I have found none of them like this one.

The one is the best deal with the money. So if you are not a risk taker like me then go for it.

The wall can be coated quickly with the roller and is suitable for ceiling, outside wall, bedroom wall, or in other words for any type of large wall.

Most Liking Features

It allows for the ideal amount of space between cabinets and countertops. They tidy up faster at the end of a project.

Probable Drawbacks

It doesn’t hold as much paint as thicker rollers, but most people have not found this to be an issue.

Key Features

  • Suitable for quick paint
  • Very essay to apply
  • Made of woven dralon
  • Provides smooth, lint-free finish

2. True Blue 18 Inch Paint Roller | Excellent Coverage

Microfiber Paint Roller Covers are the most suitable roller for any type of painting. This 3 set roller of True Blue covers are perfect for any type of wall and paint.

Last year I decided to paint my house without any prior experience. I was very nervous about how the paint was going to come out. But surprisingly with the True Blue roller cover, I got a professional finish on my wall.

Microfiber roller covers are designed to provide maximum pick-up and release while speeding up your painting project.

These are lint-free and shed-resistant, with excellent coverage in one coat and a silky clean finish every time.

Most Liking Features

Latex paints and stains, oil-based chemicals, and even epoxies have been tried with microfiber paint roller coverings.

Probable Drawbacks

It holds a lot of paint, so sometimes it is trouble for beginners.

Key Features

  • Pick up and release 3x more paint
  • Provide an excellent coverage
  • Totally shed resistant
  • Requires less effort

3. Purdy 18 Inch Paint Roller | Knitted Polyester Fabric

If you’re painting a huge stretch of wall, fence, or other large surfaces with a semi-smooth to semi-rough texture and want to get the job done fast, the Purdy 18 Inch Paint Roller Cover will come in handy.

The paint roller cover by Purdy is suitable for use with oil-based or water-based paints, and for indoor or outdoor use. And provide a very fast painting process.

It was perfect for painting my living room. Our house is very old and the previous owners never painted it.

These rollers were useful for getting the task done, but the walls absorbed the discomfort.

Most Liking Features

It is made of a high-density knitted polyester fabric that carries a lot of material and releases it evenly.

Probable Drawbacks

As holds a lot of paint, sometimes it is hard to clean it up

Key Features

  • Made of high density knitted polyester fabric
  • Helps to get rid of uneven surface
  • Price is very reasonable
  • Creates the smoothest finish

4. Wooster Brush 18 Inch Paint Roller | ⅜ Inch Nap

Painting a popcorn-textured ceiling is very difficult because most brushes and rollers can’t manage the hills and valleys without skipping spots, overloading others, and smashing the texture in between.

The Wooster Roller Cover, the best 18 Inch Paint Roller comes to the rescue, as it is specifically designed to evenly and swiftly spread paint over an acoustical ceiling, brickwork, highly textured walls, and stucco.

The roller cover is constructed of thick, multi-slit foam with a ⅜ inch nap to cover irregular textures without breaking the popcorn texture.

Most Liking Features

The 18 inch roller sleeve fits any standard roller frame and can resist water solvents and cracking.

Probable Drawbacks

Do not work properly for smoothest finish paints as semi-gloss, satin.

Key Features

  • Mint green roller with a thick polypropylene core
  • Easy to apply paint
  • Good quality with good value
  • ⅜ inch nap

5. Wooster Brush 18 Inch Paint Roller | Rough Surface

Looking for a roller within the budget that works on difficult surfaces? Then, these Wooster Brush 6 pack ⅜ inch nap paint roller covers work can be the right choice.

Fortunately, these are available in a variety of nap types, so they will almost certainly have something that will work for your next paint project.

The interlocking fibers in the dense, high-capacity fabric prevent shedding.

There is no other roller that gives a smoother finish. It is made of the same high-quality white cloth with a golden pinstripe as it was when it was first released.

Most Liking Features

The proprietary high-density white cloth with a golden pinstripe is resistant to matting and provides the finest professional finish.

Probable Drawbacks

Some of the users have found an issue with paint splatter

Key Features

  • It has a polypropylene core
  • Double thick core resists water
  • Comes with a 6 pack roller
  • Easily adjustable to the roller

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Best 18 Inch Paint Roller

1. What is the best brand for roller covers?

It is hard to just mention one brand. Purdy, Wooster Brush, True Blue all of them provide the best 18 inch roller cover.

2. Is the bigger roller for paint better?

As a general rule, the larger the nap, the more paint it holds, resulting in a more stippled surface. A roller’s nap or pile height determines its thickness. The most typical nap size is 1/2-inch, which is excellent for smooth interior walls.

3. How can I get a smoother finish using a roller?

Yes. Fill the reservoir at the end of the roller tray with paint. Dip the roller into the paint softly; the paint should cover less than half of the roller. Then, on the tray’s ramp, roll it back and forth to properly distribute the paint on the roller cover.

4. What is the price of the roller?

The price is not the same for all the brands. It depends on the quality, brand value, durability etc.

5. Can I resume the paint?

A good roller should last at least 5 cycles before shedding. It may be reused without altering the quality of the paint application, and it will eventually pay for itself.

Final Words

Picking the roller is an easy job if you get the right guideline. We understand how much you value a good finish on the wall especially when you are painting on your own. That is why we have tried to bring the best 18 inch paint roller cover from the market after evaluating customer reviews.

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