Basic Brushes for Acrylic Painting

Best Basic Brushes for Acrylic Painting – Top 5 Picks for 2023

Just as crucial as picking the correct paint for your acrylic project is picking the appropriate paintbrush. Since there are so many different brush varieties, choosing the right one is not always simple. Each paintbrush is created expressly to provide you with that level of fine detail, which may occasionally make or break your project.

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Detail Paint Brushes Set 10pcs Miniature Brushes
Detail Paint Brushes Set 10pcs Miniature Brushes

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Artify 38 Piece Paintbrush Art Set
Artify 38 Piece Paintbrush Art Set

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VisuartPro Acrylic Paint Brush Set
VisuartPro Acrylic Paint Brush Set

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Mont Marte Premium Paint Brush Set
Mont Marte Premium Paint Brush Set

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Artegria Detail Paint Brush Set
Artegria Detail Paint Brush Set

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I’ve selected my top-rated and most beloved best basic brushes for acrylic painting, ranging from inexpensive ones to expensive ones.

1. Detail Paint Brushes Set 10pcs Miniature Brushes

One of the top basic universal sets available is the Onson acrylic paintbrush set. It is extremely versatile and compatible with a wide range of paints, including acrylic, watercolor, and even gouache. Additionally, it is quite durable and kid-friendly. Amazon is where you can get this item. Click here to view its current cost and availability.

No paint flaking or loose hairs result from the no split 360 rotation of these handcrafted brushes. To provide only the greatest results for your job, they are crafted from the finest materials. 15 paint brushes are included in this collection, including liner, flat, filbert, angular, round, fan, and comb.

The ergonomic handles on each brush will enable you to paint with the utmost efficiency, speed, and flair. A bonus mixing knife, a sponge, and a portable carrying box made of high-quality nylon are also included!

The versatility of this kit, which works with acrylics, gouaches, oil paints, and even watercolors, is something I really like. They wash quite quickly as well, making cleanup as simple as placing them in the sink and running water over them. Not all brushes have the ability to rotate 360 degrees without ruining your work.

You may create your masterpiece without worrying since these brushes don’t leave loose hairs or paint flakes on your brush when you’re painting. The pop-up travel case with a watercolor brush pen that comes with this package is an additional treat.

A pop case that allows your brushes to stand up and a free brush pen are features that are uncommon in brush sets. A carry case is something I usually advise since it makes it so much simpler to transport your paints while also protecting them. You may also like some of the Squeeze Bottles for Acrylic Paint from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

User opinions

Customers frequently comment on how soft and high-quality the bristles are, as well as how simple they are to clean. They adore the sturdy carrying bag and the fact that this set comes with every type of brush you could possibly need. According to several customers, these delicate paintbrushes provide beginners with lovely, controlled strokes.

2. Artify 38 Piece Paintbrush Art Set

This Artify paintbrush set is just incredible. Since the carrying is a canvas wrap, you can just fold it out and get started painting right away. Click here to examine this paint kit and to view the price.

It’s a really easy method to pack your paintbrushes and is somewhat unusual. Its ergonomic form is excellent for frequent travelers like hobbyists and students.

It not only looks great, is easy to use, and is lightweight, but it also offers excellent brush protection. The brushes in this set are particularly adaptable because they come in a variety of brush forms, giving you everything you need for any project. Artify’s paintbrush set features a brush for every level of accuracy, whether you’re painting broad strokes or extremely small details.

This brush set has three various brush kinds, including hog, pony, and conventional nylon, and I appreciate that the brushes are made of natural and synthetic hairs.

The natural hairs are incredibly strong, resistant to fraying, and can tolerate the harshest washings; as a result, they maintain their shape and form over time, allowing you to paint those precise lines.

These brushes’ paint-covered handles are one of their coolest features. Each individual brush has a lacquer coating that makes it easier for you to maintain a secure hold when painting. In order to make them sparkle and stay bright for years, it is also developed with an oil plant coating. Two more big nylon round and flat brushes are included with this set as a gift!

I suggest this paintbrush set if you’re looking for a wide variety of robust brushes. I appreciate that it has Nylon, Pony, and Hog brushes to accommodate any style or detail. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the Acrylic Paint Thinners

User opinions

Customers claim that this set of exquisite brushes functioned just as well as more costly ones. They effectively retained paint whether it was applied directly from the tube or after being diluted on the palette. Numerous reviews claim that they cleaned quickly and lost no hair at all.

The roll-up case for this set received positive feedback for preserving the brushes, preventing their bending, and taking up minimal space.

Many customers who bought this set remarked on the exceptional quality of the brushes and the fact that they could be used with acrylic, oil, watercolor, and other mediums.

3. VisuartPro Acrylic Paint Brush Set

I often use this fantastic VisuartPro paintbrush set for my acrylic projects. Additionally to the 15 distinct brush types, it includes high-quality acrylic paints. Click here to discover this set’s price. I adore the quality of the brushes in this set, which I received as a gift a few months ago.

It comes with 24 excellent acrylic paint bottles, a mixing knife, a sponge, and 15 brushes. For beginners, children, adults, and even artists, it’s the ideal collection. High grade non-shed nylon used in these professional artist brushes gives you the accuracy you need for your work.

The bristles have two string ferrules that are doubly clamped. Filbert, Round, Fan, Rake, Angular, Glaze, Flat, and Comb are some of the forms. You won’t need to be concerned about your brushes getting damaged because they are all secured in the zipped bag that it comes with.

In addition to the brushes, it’s awesome that this kit includes 24 high-quality acrylic paints. As I previously said, I have this paint set, and in addition to the great brushes and how simple it is to clean them, the paint itself is of good quality and gives my paintings that extra pop of color. This set’s paint is non-toxic and highly pigmented to get the best color and clarity.

These paints work well on a variety of surfaces, including canvas, wood, glass, cloth, plastic, craft foam, ceramic, and terracotta. I adore how simple it is to clean these paintbrushes. I’ll wash them with water when I’m finished painting, then immediately dry them off before putting them back in the case.

You need to have this set in your collection whether you’re a student, professional, or even just interested in collecting.

User opinions

I can speak for myself as the owner of this set and how incredible it is. It is robust, and the nylon brushes are of the best caliber. My favorite brushes from this package are without a doubt mine. Due of its premium paint set and high-quality brushes, this package received very positive reviews.

Numerous buyers cite the brushes’ durability, ease of cleaning, high level of precision, comfort in use, lack of loose hairs, and general artist quality.

Both experts and novices who have utilized this kit have nothing but positive things to say about it. It’s unquestionably among the greatest.

4. Mont Marte Premium Paint Brush Set

The fact that there are so many different brushes in this set—15 to be exact—makes it special. It includes a liner brush #3/0, round brushes #1, #3, and #6, filbert brushes #2, #4, #9, and #8, flat brushes #6, #8, and #10, angled brushes #10, wash brushes #11, fan brushes #4, and broad brushes 5/4. To check prices and get more information on Amazon, click here.

The high-quality brushes have a magnetic closing roll that keeps them secure and makes transportation simple and practical. Acrylic paint, watercolor, oil, gouache, and tempera paintings all work really well with this set.

The best hog bristle and taklon are used to make these brushes. A broad flat brush is not always included in sets, and I believe it is crucial for all painters to have one in their collection.

This set is unquestionably recommended, especially if you like hog bristle paintbrushes.

User opinions

Most people who bought this bundle were ecstatic with it. Customers spoke about how the brush is strong and simple to clean.

5. Artegria Detail Paint Brush Set

This collection is especially made for miniatures or detail painting. There are 17 fine tip brushes included, ranging in size from 4/0 to 4. To check Amazon’s pricing and availability, click here.

The 1/4′′ Dagger Stripper that is part of this package is widely regarded by professionals for its ability to produce exceptionally fine long lines and distinctive effects. Compared to a regular round handle, this unique handle provides superior control and causes less hand strain.

I appreciate the sturdy cylinder container, travel bag, and little instructions that are included. It also includes a Bonus E-book that is quite helpful and has advice for all your painting requirements.

When painting figures from popular franchises like Warhammer 40k, Dungeons & Dragons, Gundam, Star Wars, etc., many painters employ this collection. It’s ideal for scale models (1/35 scale, vehicles, trains, and airplanes), dolls, stones, pottery, nail art, face- and bodypainting (for kids’ birthdays and party makeup), drawings, paint-by-number projects, and more.

As you can see, there are countless uses for these brushes because they are designed for fine detail. Every artist should have this set in their collection, in my opinion.

The set’s specifications and brush sizes are shown below:

  • Liner: 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0, 1
  • Round: 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0, 1, 2, 4
  • Flat: 0, 1
  • Spot: 0, 1
  • 1/4″ Dagger Striper
  • Travel Bag in Velvet
  • Mini Manual
  • Nylon for hair (no shedding, no splitting)
  • Copper ferrule with a double crimp prevents corrosion.
  • Lightweight varnish-coated wood for the handle
  • Use: gouache, acrylic, watercolor, and oil

How Long Can I Expect Acrylic Paintbrushes to Last?

Best Basic Brushes for Acrylic Painting

If properly cared for, acrylic paintbrushes can survive for many years. One of my sets has been in my possession for more than 4 years, and all the brushes are still in good shape. Every time I use them, I make sure to rinse them.

Always fully rinse your brushes with water and clean the entire brush to prolong the life of the paint.

Here are three painting blunders that are all too often and will damage your brush:

  • Letting paint dry on the brush: Letting paint dry on your paintbrush is the fastest way to destroy it. The bristles will swell up and become useless.
  • Letting your brushes soak FOR TOO LONG: This is the reverse of letting paint cake on your brush; if you let your brushes soak for too long, the bristles will become light and stringy.
  • Not fully cleaning your brush You’re in big danger if even a little paint manages to adhere to your brush. To solve the paint problem, try applying a little paint thinner.

What Are the Most Common Paintbrush Styles?

There are 6 varieties of paint brushes that are used with acrylics. To assist you acquaint yourself and pick your style, below are some of the most prevalent paintbrushes:

  • Flat brushes are fashioned in a rectangle with long or medium-sized bristles. They are meant for lengthy strokes, generally as a foundation of paint.
  • Bright brushes are similar to flat brushes, however they have shorter bristles. You use them for shorter strokes, whereas the flat brush has longer strokes.
  • Filbert brushes blend the advantages of round and flat brushes. They are fashioned like rectangles, but they’re incredibly slender at the base of the bristle, extending outwards.
  • Fan brushes extend out in a 90 degree direction, delivering greater coverage than a filbert. They may be utilized to make attractive bushes.
  • Angular flat brushes allow for more rotation. The tip of the bristles is angled down for distinctive shading. Sweeping curves are great to design with this brush!
  • Detail circular brushes are round and short! They have highly compressed bristles and are suited for finer movements.

Final Thoughts

I can state that the Onson and VisuartPRO paint sets are my top choices for acrylic paintbrushes because I possess both of them. My top favorite brushes out of all of my brushes are found in these two sets. Whether you are a novice, paint as a pastime, or are an artist, I recommend all of these best basic brushes for acrylic painting. All of these paintbrushes are of exceptional quality, so you won’t be let down. They definitely enhance my paintings and I know I adore them!

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