Easels for Painting with Acrylics

Best Easels for Painting with Acrylics – Top Reviews In 2023

The Best Easels for Painting with Acrylics and your painting style should be chosen because there are so many different types available. I’ll show you my best selections for each person’s particular style, from table top easels to french style easels. I discuss table top easels, tripod easels, french style easels, as well as some advice and queries for you guys, in this post. Enjoy!

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U.S. Art Supply Coronado French Style Easel & Sketch box
U.S. Art Supply Coronado French Style Easel & Sketch box

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Ohuhu Aluminum Tripod Easel
Ohuhu Aluminum Tripod Easel

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US Art Supply Malibu Extra Large H-Frame Deluxe Easel
US Art Supply Malibu Extra Large H-Frame Deluxe Easel

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1. U.S. Art Supply Coronado French Style Easel & Sketch box

One of my favorite products on the market is this classy U.S. Art Supply Coronado French Style Easel. This easel is mine, and it is equipped with everything I require for painting. It’s basically the ideal easel for drawing at home or while traveling! Click here to discover the pricing and availability.

Additionally fantastic for big studios or little flats. Because it functions as a completely adjustable field easel and storage unit in one, the Coronado sketch box is incredibly cool. It has a detachable 11″ x 18″ hardwood palette, a sliding drawer with split sections that is 12″ wide, and an adjustable shoulder strap. The wooden palette is very handy and I use it all the time. The sketch box is fairly spacious and has a large paint capacity.

This easel is great since it fits in my home well and can also be used as a tabletop easel. Not many easels can be simply transformed into tabletop ones. It’s lightweight, small, and reasonably priced.

Brass hardware completes the hand-sanded beech wood construction of this easel. It has a sturdy leather grip, too. I have to shift around when I’m painting to adjust to the canvas, but an easel has an entirely flexible orientation, which is tremendously useful to my work.

It expands all the way to 71″! However, it is both big enough to accommodate a 34′′ canvas and tiny enough to put in your closet. This easel is very unique in every way. Additionally, this easel has handy brass hooks that let you move your wet canvas around.

Dimensions: Unfolded: 28 1/2′′ X 45′′ X 71′′ Folded: 17′′ X 6 1/2′′ X 22′′

If you want an easel that is dependable, adaptable, and all-in-one, I strongly suggest the Coronado French Style Easel. Besides, you can choose some Basic Brushes for Acrylic Painting.

User opinions

Due to its many features, many consumers said they adore this product. They appreciate how sturdy it is for their house or studio while still being small enough to function as a tabletop easel. Customers like that the sketch box offers plenty space for paints and other supplies.

According to the numerous reviews I’ve read, several customers also mentioned that they like painting on this easel wherever they are, including outdoors on treks. If you’re searching for an all-in-one easel, this one is fantastic and reasonably priced. I heartily endorse this item!

2. Ohuhu Aluminum Tripod Easel

Because it stretches to 72 inches, this tripod easel is very cool. It is also quite portable, making it a simple travel item. Click here to discover the Ohuhu Tripod Easel’s price. This extendable easel has a range of 25 to 73 inches! It has telescoping legs, and you may independently adjust each leg to give an even or uneven surface as necessary.

This tripod easel is perfect for painting on posters, canvas, and creative projects, but some customers even claimed they used it for a dry erase board! I think this is a fantastic all-purpose field easel and I heartily endorse it. When you’re on the run, it’s the ideal weight because it’s both incredibly strong and dependable.

Because it is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy, you can be sure it will last. This tripod easel has a pretty amazing feature in that it even collapses to only 25 inches, allowing you to utilize it as a tabletop easel as well. It includes a non-slip base to prevent damage to your project, and each leg has rubber feet to ensure that the easel is always stable. Additionally, you can check our review on Squeeze Bottles for Acrylic Paint.

User opinions

Because it is so small and light, many customers said this easel is ideal for them. They stated that the setup was really simple and uncomplicated. The maximum height of 72 inches, according to users who are at least 5 feet 7 inches tall, is ideal for someone standing while painting.

Many customers like that each leg may be adjusted independently so they can get the painting angle they want. The fact that you may use it on the floor or a table makes it easy. I suggest this Ohuhu tripod easel if you’re seeking for a small, versatile easel.

3. US Art Supply Malibu Extra Large H-Frame Deluxe Easel

This US Art Supply Malibu H-Frame Deluxe easel is the last I’d suggest. This is undoubtedly one of my favorite easels since it is genuinely an artist’s easel. Click here to discover the pricing and availability. Up to a 90-inch canvas may be supported by this fantastic easel!

For pastel and portrait paintings, it has a forward slant. Large 4-point knobs on it enable rapid and precise adjustments. The locking system makes sure your easel will stay in position, and the casters increase mobility. 26′′Wide x 27-1/2′′Deep x 80′′High (adjusts to 139′′High) are the measurements.

If you are an artist or work on huge paintings in addition to portraiture, I suggest this easel. It is very dependable and strong. Those that require that particular angle in their job really benefit from the tilt. I am aware that I frequently tilt my canvases to acquire the desired stroke. This easel is incredibly dependable and robust.

It is made of beechwood and features a big canvas tray for quick and simple access to art supplies. Artwork may be shown anywhere thanks to the mobility of rolling caster wheels on easels. If you’d rather have a fixed easel, you can also take the wheels off. Overall, this easel is fantastic for sturdy canvases of any size.

User opinions

This easel is a favorite among customers since it is sturdy and of artist’s quality. Some people assert that despite owning this easel for years, they are still in love with it. The easel’s ability to support canvases up to 90 inches wide, which is a very rare characteristic, is its most well-liked feature.

If necessary, this easel can also rest flat and easily roll away into storage. This product was a hit with every customer, and I also heartily endorse it.

What Is an Easel?

Every time you think of an artist, you image them at an easel, immersed in their vibrant world. An easel is unquestionably a crucial component of any artist’s equipment, much like many other necessary components for a quality work of art.

A basic tool called an easel is used by painters to keep the canvas in the proper position while they paint or show their creations. Typically, the most basic easel design is a tripod, which consists of three upright posts linked at the top.

There are many various sizes and styles of easels, including the A-frame, H-frame, tabletop, plein air, and others that I’ve mentioned above. You may select an easel based on your painting style, preferred medium, and price range. Artists’ quality easels are normally constructed of wood and have utilitarian designs that haven’t changed much in centuries, although new materials and designs are now available, like one of the items I mentioned above that is made of aluminum.

Do I Need an Easel to Paint?

Best Easels for Painting with Acrylics

You might be unsure whether a painting easel is necessary. Although it isn’t strictly necessary, painting vertically and at eye level allows you to paint more precisely. Easels have been used for many years, thus not having one is similar to not having a paint palette. Although you aren’t officially required to have one, it is essential for your job.

Additionally, maintaining a correct perspective is aided by the fact that humans observe objects from a vertical posture most of the time. Additionally, using an easel reduces the possibility of spilling paint, medium, or coffee on it! Additionally, it prevents dust from adhering to it. One of the main advantages of utilizing an artist’s easel is that you may take a step back to assess the development of your work.

In order to properly complete some methods or tasks, your canvas may need to be laid flat. This is dependent on the kind of employment you undertake. In order to obtain the painting angle I wanted for some tasks, I had to spread my canvas out on a sizable table. But if you paint, I do strongly advise getting an easel.

Every artist, even a hobbyist, should own this fantastic tool. When I’m through painting, I’ll leave my work to dry on the easel and keep it there for exhibition. So, in my opinion, the answer is yes, everyone who paints should have an easel for their job.

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