Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes

Best Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes – Top 5 Selection for 2023

An amazing way to update the mobile home is to repaint the whole house with your favorite color. And painting the exterior of the home puts a good first impression on guests and neighbors.

The outside of your home is subjected to far more strain from the weather, so it’s critical that you not only prepare correctly but also undertake a high-quality paint job. That is why painting the house with the best exterior paint for mobile homes is necessary.

There are multiple options in the market. But you cannot trust all the brands. Therefore we spend weeks coming up with the only top 5 paints from the market.

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Rust-Oleum Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes | Smooth Finish
Rust-Oleum Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes | Smooth Finish

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Rust Oleum Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes | UV Resistant
Rust Oleum Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes | UV Resistant

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Kilz Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes | Easy to Clean
Kilz Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes | Easy to Clean

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Liquid Rubber Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes | Nature Friendly
Liquid Rubber Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes | Nature Friendly

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Diamond Brite er Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes | Dusty resistant
Diamond Brite er Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes | Dusty resistant

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Best Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes Reviews

The following section presents the top five exterior paint for mobile homes. All of them are great in quality and has a good value

1. Rust-Oleum Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes | Smooth Finish

Some people do not want to repaint the house because of the after-paint odor. If you are one of them then try the odor-free paint by Rust-Oleum. Besides, on a variety of surfaces, this paint resists chipping and fading.

Rust-Oleum 1990502 Painter’s Touch Latex Paint gives a smooth, long-lasting finish on both interior and exterior walls. With a rapid drying composition and great hide, projects are completed in less time.

For getting better results, sand the wall properly and prime the surface beforehand.

After that, thoroughly stir the paint and apply three thin coats rather than two thick applications with a brush; you should have no problems with this paint.

It is designed to provide a sturdy, moisture-resistant barrier. To prevent corrosion, this works best. Before applying the coat, clean the surfaces to remove any rust, grease, oil, or other contaminants.

Most Liking Features

The paint is suitable for Wood, Ceramic, Metal surfaces. This paint gives the surface a long-lasting gloss while preserving the surface beneath.

Probable Drawbacks

Some people complain about the quality of the product because they do not follow the instructions.

Key Features

  • Suitable to use not multiple surfaces
  • Dries very quickly
  • Hide the imperfections on the wall
  • Provide a smooth finish

2. Rust Oleum Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes | UV Resistant

When you are spending money on the exterior painting of a mobile house, you would want it to last for a long time. Rust-Oleum, Best paint for mobile home aluminum siding, long-lasting and durable.

The thick but flexible paint composition offers a beautiful color that is resistant to adverse weather conditions. Provides great gloss retention and resists fading even when exposed to direct sunlight regularly.

It has an outstanding gloss and is quite resistant to frequent harmful factors.

Designed to expand and compress in response to temperature changes.

It is constructed of a modified alkyd, which enables a flexible covering that is resistant to cracking, chipping, and peeling under adverse weather conditions. As this is a marine coating, using it as exterior paint for a mobile home would be very efficient.

Most Liking Features

This provides a spectacular finish on above-the-waterline fiberglass, wood, or metal Because of its excellent color retention and UV protection,

Probable Drawbacks

As the quality is very good, the price is high

Key Features

  • Takes 1 to 2 hours to dry
  • UV safe paint
  • Can resist abrasion
  • can survive extreme weather conditions

3. Kilz Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes | Easy to Clean

Kilz exterior paint is a ready to use, high-performance solution that prevents hot tire pick-up, scuffing, cracking, peeling, fading, and scorching. Resistant to common home pollutants such as oil and gasoline.

When applied to worn surfaces, this paint shines the brightest. It is also suitable for use on fences, plywood surfaces, and laminating services.

When applied vertically to outdoor surfaces, it also works well with stucco and masonry finishes.

KILZ has been producing paints for nearly four decades. In two to three hours, the paint will be entirely dry. After that, the consumer must wait six to eight hours for the second coat.

This is a decent exterior paint that provides coverage and protection from the weather while also beautifying outside buildings. Silver Gray and Slate Gray are two of our most popular gray tones. Both offer a long-lasting satin shine finish.

Most Liking Features

Coverage varies according to porosity, ranging from about 200 square feet per gallon on porous surfaces to about 500 square feet per gallon on a smooth surface

Probable Drawbacks

If you do not clean the surface properly, the paint may start peeling off after a few years

Key Features

  • This is a very durable paint
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior
  • Covers a large surface
  • Easy to clean

4. Liquid Rubber Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes | Nature Friendly

In the age of plastic and chemicals, it is hard to find a good quality nature friendly exterior paint. But some brands care about the world and come up with a nature friendly coating that helps to cure into a waterproof membrane.

This environmentally friendly substance has virtually limitless applications. Liquid Rubber is very helpful when you need a waterproof seal. Apply to all RV roofs. Remember, Surface preparation is crucial when applying this best exterior paint for mobile homes.

It must be fully dry and free of contamination. The paint will have a shiny sheen. Surfaces of concrete and masonry must cure for at least one month per inch of thickness.

Besides the paint is very easy to use, just using a brush you can paint the house like a professional. It is better to apply heavy coats to build a waterproof membrane.

Most Liking Features

Water-based Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating has no solvents, VOCs, or noxious smells. It is safe for both humans and dogs, and it may be used both indoors and outdoors without the need for any specific breathing gear.

Probable Drawbacks

You need to be patient while working with it.

Key Features

  • Environmentally friendly paint
  • Easy to apply with a brush
  • Requires 2-3 coats
  • Suitable for home, sheds, foundations, etc.

5. Diamond Brite er Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes | Dusty resistant

This Diamond Brite paint for mobile homes offers long-lasting paint of high quality. It is capable of transforming the exterior in a single day. This was created using technology that prevents the paint from fading.

Diamond Brite semi-gloss paint is a dry hide paint. Dry hide paints begin semi-transparent and darken as they dry. As a result, it is necessary to wait until the paint is completely dry before determining if a third coat is required.

I purchased this paint to repaint several doors and fix up some holes in our previous home. It was well-packaged and simple to open, in my opinion. The doors’ original color was a permanent dark green,

It only took around 2-to-3 thin coats to hide the green from peeking through. The blemishes on the wall were neatly disguised, and this pain blended in with the shine of the original paint.

Most Liking Features

This provides a semi-gloss finish to the wall. Moreover, this protects the wall from dust and damage.

Probable Drawbacks

As the paint is thin, it requires multiple layers.

Key Features

  • Protects wall from dust
  • Can be used on masonry, drywall, and metal
  • Easy to clean and apply
  • Price is very reasonable

Things to Consider Before Buying Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes

Best Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes

While picking the best paint for mobile home aluminum siding you have to keep some important features in mind. Just by seeing the color or selecting a paint with a good customer review is not enough in case of choosing the right one.

Here we have tried to state some important things that may help you to make the right decision. You can find an in-depth suggestion for 18 Inch Paint Roller by simply clicking here.

Availability of the Product

Products come and go, and new ones replace the old ones. Most likely, some new features were introduced, and some essential changes were made.

What’s the purpose of using a supposedly decent Exterior Paint For Mobile Homes if the manufacturer no longer supports it?

We make every effort to highlight goods that are current and are sold by at least one reputable vendor, if not several. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the Aircraft Paint Remover.

Select Color and Sheen

Some people begin by selecting a color. Hue-matching algorithms have advanced to the point that you can get a close match to the color you choose in almost any brand. However, the shine varies by brand, which might impact your impression of color.

So, pick whether sheen is required for the work, the hue you choose, and finally the best paint for your budget. After you’ve narrowed down your options, purchase little containers for testing.

Paint color samples on huge sheets of thick paper so you may move them about without having to repaint the walls. Spend at least a few days with them.

Paint Finishes

There are 4 finishes available till now; gloss, semi-gloss, satin, and flat.

Gloss paints are an excellent choice for selecting the greatest exterior home paint. These clean more readily and withstand scuffs better, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas such as doors, door jambs, and window casings.

Semi-gloss paint is likewise long-lasting and simple to clean, although it has less luster than gloss. Because it is stain resistant, it is appropriate for doors, trim work, and casings.

Satin paint is simple to clean and has a mild gloss. It works effectively on well-maintained wood or cement siding.

Finally. Flat, which is also known as matte, paint has little or no sheen, which allows it to conceal flaws. As a result, it is an excellent solution for scraped or dented siding.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How long does it take to dry up the paint?

This depends on the paint you are using. Usually, if the paint is thin then it won’t take more than 30 minutes. Also, the time depends on the weather. If there is more humidity in the air it will take more time to dry.

2. What type of paint do you use when painting a mobile home?

An oil-based paint recipe is suitable. Some aches, on the other hand, are per-tinted. The high gloss finish is provided by the oil-based paint.

Paints in gel-based formulations are also available. Besides the products that we have suggested, all are suitable for mobile homes.

3. Is it possible to paint the outside of a mobile home?

Of course, it is. You may paint the whole outside of your mobile home to match your personality, impress your guests and neighbors, or just for fun.

4. Do I have to follow some procedures to paint the house?

This depends on the condition of the wall. If the wall is very uneven then it is better to sand it before applying paint. Otherwise, there will be a proper instruction on the paint jar, follow it for getting proper result

5. Is the paint durable?

To get a long-lasting impact, you have to make sure that you are purchasing exterior paint from a good and trusted brand. Mostly, exterior paints are dust and water-resistant and can survive the toughest weather conditions.

Final Words

Painting the whole house requires a lot of time and patience. But do not be afraid to give your mobile home a new look. Plan to paint the house in the next holiday, this will give a good feeling whenever you are entering the house.

Pick the best Exterior Paint for Mobile Homes, pick up the brushes and start working. Do not forget to share your experience with us.

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