Flat Brushes for Acrylic Painting

Best Flat Brushes for Acrylic Painting – Top 5 Picks for 2023

We are aware that there are many different kinds of paintbrushes available, ranging from fan brushes to rounded, filbert, and artists’ grade tools for children and students. However, there are additional alternatives available within those brush categories, such as hair type and handle length, and this post will discuss my recommendations for best flat brushes for acrylic painting.

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Nicpro 10 Piece Flat Brush Set
Nicpro 10 Piece Flat Brush Set

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Pearl White 12 Piece Flat Head Brush Set
Pearl White 12 Piece Flat Head Brush Set

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ZEM Brush Chungking Deluxe Hog Bristle Artist Brush Set
ZEM Brush Chungking Deluxe Hog Bristle Artist Brush Set

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A large variety of paint brushes splayed out in front of you in the paintbrush aisle at the art supply store might be a little intimidating if you’re just getting started with acrylics. Sometimes I get a little dizzy with the variety! Therefore, I’ve listed my top flat brush picks for you guys. Check out my other articles for your guide to acrylic painting. Enjoy!

1. Nicpro 10 Piece Flat Brush Set

In addition to being straightforward and sophisticated, this set includes 10 brushes in a variety of sizes. Personally, I adore the contemporary shade of grayish black, thus this set is certainly on my wish list. These brushes are referred to be universal since they are excellent for body painting as well as acrylic and watercolor painting.

They are made of high-quality materials, making them ideal for artists as well as novices and students. Soft synthetic Taklon bristles are attached with premium metal ferrules. I adore the handles’ birch wood construction; they look elegant. You can find an in-depth suggestion for Acrylic Paints for Funko Pops by simply clicking here.

They are incredibly simple to maintain and clean. Simply wash the brushes in warm water right away after use, or according to the guidelines provided by the paint manufacturer. They are assured to endure! The firm will give you a refund or replace the set if you’re not completely pleased with it, which is a great feature of this set. Since few businesses are ready to do that, this collection becomes much more valuable.

Several Specs:

  • Hairs: High-quality Taklon
  • Aluminum ferrule
  • Wooden Birch Handle
  • Media: Gouache, Acrylic, Oil, and Watercolor

These feathering, mixing, and flat acrylic paintbrushes are excellent. With the synthetic hairs, you may create any texture you like for your project, including clouds and tree leaves.


A lot of buyers praised this bundle. They adore how long the handles are and how simple they are to use. Buyers assert that the brushes are of excellent quality and are long-lasting. easy to maintain and clean. One user said that they adored how smoothly, almost like silk, the brush moved over the canvas.

2. Pearl White 12 Piece Flat Head Brush Set

I really suggest this package, which is another excellent one. These brushes are made of premium nynol and are excellent at retaining paint. They come in a wide range of sizes, allowing you to include all the particular effects and nuances in your painting. Professionals, artists, students, newcomers, adults, and even children will love this collection.

This set is constructed of high-quality, imported nylon that is excellent at storing liquids. They merge seamlessly with high-quality materials to offer you the ideal result for your painting or project. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the Butane Torches for Acrylic Pouring and Painting.

This set appeals to me since it is incredibly strong and long-lasting. You can hold onto the short wooden handles with ease. Also very simple to clean! Simply wash the brushes in lukewarm water with or without soap straight away after use to clean them. Use only cold water! Reshape the bristles gently with your fingers, allow them to dry, and then set the brushes down at room temperature without resting them on the hairs.


One customer said that they are well-shaped to draw delicate lines on paintings and are reasonably priced. Others claimed that they got a lot of use out of this set and that it was simple to clean and store. Anyone in need of a range of flat brush sizes may choose this Nylon set.

3. ZEM Brush Chungking Deluxe Hog Bristle Artist Brush Set

In my view, this set is one of the toughest white hog bristles available. I’ve had this set for a very long time! Actually, it’s from Chungking, a city in China. The bristles are given a second boil to give them more spring and lengthen their lifespan without making them excessively stiff and rigid. Since 1905, Master Brush Makers has been a tiny, family-run business, and their goods are highly dependable.

Even the bristle form is hand-made, using the best interlocking hog bristle brushes available anywhere in the world. This is their area of expertise, and the series they have created have consistently high quality. When searching for brushes, the quality of this set is unquestionably something you should take into account. In fact, this business is known for producing high-quality goods. It’s what prompted me to test this brand, and I’m happy to report that I wasn’t let down!

A fantastic dry brush for ceramics is also suggested for use with this set. I appreciate the short handle since it makes controlling and maneuvering the strokes simpler. Nickel-plated brass ferrules that are set on stunning two-tone red and silver handles are seamless, ensuring endurance. These are the set’s specifications:

Interlocked Pro Quality Stiff White Bristle Chungking Flats Brush Head Use: Oil and Acrylic for Art Use: Best Drybrush for Ceramics Handle: Silver + Red 140mm Standard Short Handle

Interlocked Bristle: For the best control when painting, this Premium Bristle includes a Firm Spring.

Built in the USA; 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


I read a lot of reviews, and almost all of them said that this was the greatest hog bristle brush they had ever used. They claimed that while some brushes had a tendency to be somewhat limp, this set was ideal for acrylic painting on wood and other surfaces. They praised the set’s durability and wide range of sizes. This hog bristle set comes highly recommended. You won’t be let down, I promise.

What Are Some Common Brushes for Acrylic Painting?

Best Flat Brushes for Acrylic Painting

I’ve gathered a handful of the most popular paintbrush types that students and artists use because there are so many different kinds of paintbrushes available. Let’s begin:

The Flat Brush: As its name suggests, a flat brush has bristles that are designed such that it is relatively wide but not particularly thick. The bristle length can vary, with some flat brushes having lengthy bristles and others having extremely short bristles. The latter is referred to as a square brush. When purchasing a flat brush, opt for one with bristles that bounce back or snap when lightly bent.

A flat brush will not only make a broad brushstroke, but it will also produce thin brushstrokes if you turn it such that you are leading with the narrow edge. For small, precise brush strokes, a short, flat brush works well.

The number and size of bristles on a flat brush determine how much paint it can hold. A flat brush with short hair and synthetic bristles will retain less paint than one with long hair and blended or natural hair. Hog hair, which is used in the flat brush in the image, retains paint well and, due to its stiffness, is perfect for creating brush traces in paint, should you choose to do so.

The Round Brush: When most people think of “art paintbrushes,” they picture a round paintbrush, which is the most conventional brush shape. If the brush is manufactured with premium Kolinsky sable hair, it will have a nice sharp tip that will allow you to paint delicate lines and details with it. Choose a brush whose bristles have a strong spring so that they will snap straight when you release pressure on the handle.

Even when it was brand-new, the circular brush in the picture didn’t have a very fine tip and is made of synthetic hair. However, because it is very soft and can carry a substantial amount of liquid paint, this type of brush is helpful for painting large areas. Never use the brush without thinking about what you’re going to accomplish with it; if you do, you’ll become frustrated and blame your instruments for your terrible painting.

The Filbert Brush: A filbert is a small, flat brush with rounded-pointed bristles. A filbert generates a tiny line when used on its side; a wide brushstroke when used flat; and a tapering mark may be created by adjusting the pressure with which the brush is applied to the canvas or by flicking it across.

The Liner Brush: A liner brush, also known as a rigger brush, is a small brush with very long bristles. These can have a flat or square tip, however they sometimes come to a sharp point. (If angled, it’s commonly referred to as a sword brush.) Rigger brushes work well for painting thin branches on trees, boat masts, or cat’s whiskers because they produce delicate lines with a uniform width. They work well for adding your name to paintings as well.

The Fan Brush is a brush with a thin coating of bristles that are dispersed by the ferrule, as can be seen above. Although you should be cautious to avoid making similar or repeating lines that seem unnatural, a fan brush is excellent for painting hair, grasses, and thin branches. A fan brush might be used to the following uses:

  • Stippling (spreading out little dots or short dashes) (spreading out small dots or short dashes)
  • Hair highlights are beneficial because they create the appearance of individual hairs.
  • removing brushstrokes by blending and smoothing

Drawing a tree or some grass

The angled brush has an angled or slanted tip, which is why it’s also frequently referred to as a slanted brush. The bristles’ slanted tips are particularly helpful for creating curves and lines with a range of thickness and coverage. This brush is for you if you want the versatility of being able to apply makeup from thin to thick with only one. Since most of us initially learn to draw and paint while seated at a table, many artists may find that using angled paint brushes is more comfortable while working on a canvas that is standing on an easel.

The Palette Knife—Although technically not a brush at all, palette knives are utilized by most painters and are a highly frequent and well-liked method of applying paint to canvases. Palette knives are a common tool used by many artists to add varied textures and effects to their works of art.

Plastic was used to make the palette knife that was seen here and in the video at the end of the article. For novices and your first encounters with acrylic paints, plastic knives will work nicely, but if you truly enjoy using them, it would be a good idea to invest in a metal palette knife.

A metal palette knife has the benefit of being considerably simpler to clean in general. Additionally, metal palette knives are significantly less prone to break and fracture if unintentionally subjected to excessive force.

Palette knives can be used to apply paint, distribute textures, and build up numerous layers. Because paint is frequently applied quite thickly to canvas, palette knives are most frequently used for this purpose. You can use a palette knife in your art journals, but make sure to give it enough time to dry so that the pages don’t stay together. You could also want to use less paint so that the drying time is shorter.

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