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4 Best Paint For Speaker Cabinets | Complete Guide For 2023

Speakers are excellent, aren’t they? A good pair of speakers can change the atmosphere of any room, both acoustically and aesthetically! Because speakers are not just there to play music for you, they also work as a showpiece.

Although to allow the speakers to unleash their full aesthetic prowess, they need to match the decorative motif of your room. You can’t have a pair of worn-out speaker cabinets with faded colors and be like, ” This genuinely looks good in my room!”

However, you can fix your old speakers to look brand new, and more importantly, you can do this yourself, with a meager budget! All you need to know is how to paint surfaces and find the best paint for your speaker cabinet.

But many paints, texture coating variations, and more options are available now. So, it can be challenging for a beginner to find the perfect color coating for their speaker cabinets.

That’s why to help you, our experts spent hours searching for the best paints for speaker cabinets available now and made a list with only the top four. Please keep reading to find out more about them!

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Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Latex Paint | Flat Finish
Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Latex Paint | Flat Finish

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The One Paint And Primer | Gloss, Matte, Satin
The One Paint And Primer | Gloss, Matte, Satin

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Rust-Oleum Universal Enamel Spray Paint | Any Surface
Rust-Oleum Universal Enamel Spray Paint | Any Surface

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Granotone Speaker Cabinet Texture Paint | Specialized Speaker Paint
Granotone Speaker Cabinet Texture Paint | Specialized Speaker Paint

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Top 4 Paints For Speaker Cabinets Reviews

This section contains multiple Speaker Cabinet Paint options. But, all of them might not be suitable for you. So, please read attentively and find out whichever suits your necessities the most.

1. Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Latex Paint | Flat Finish

If you want your DIY painting to look gorgeous, this is the paint for you. But, this comes with a cost too! You need to know a little about using latex paint if you want to use the Rust-Oleum painter’s touch.

This is latex paint with a flat finish. The paint is suitable for various surfaces, including wood, plaster, unglazed ceramic, metal, etc. Also, as the color offers a matte finish, it will minimize the imperfections and provide an excellent hide.

However, latex paint is not like spray paint. You need to be patient and open to working a bit extra! Latex paint will only sit perfectly if you properly sand and prime the surface beforehand.

Also, you should apply three thin coatings instead of multiple coats with high thickness. It would also help if you used brushes instead of a textured roller. So, if you want your speakers to look stunning, Painter’s Touch is the way to go!

Most Likeable Features

Rust-Oleum offers 20 different color variations with the Painter’s Touch paints. The paint is weather-resistant and can be used either indoors or outdoors. Also, as this is a water-based acrylic formula, the color provides long-lasting protection with low odor!

Probable Drawbacks

The only drawback you have with Painter’s Touch is the learning curve. Try to be patient to have the perfect speaker cabinet coating.

Key Features

  • Beautiful latex paint, perfect for wood cabinets
  • Flat finish to smoothen the surface
  • Dries in only 30 minutes
  • Resists chipping and fading

2. The One Paint And Primer | Gloss, Matte, Satin

If you want a quick makeover for your speaker cabinets, The one is literally the one for you! The main selling point for The One paints is that this is a strong paint and primer 2-in-1. So, this means less work for you!

However, a lot of 2-in-1 paints don’t work correctly. That’s where The one shines! Their long-lasting durability, weather-resistant formula, and easy application make this the best paint for pro audio speaker cabinets, especially if you have a hopper gun!

When you search for paints for speaker cabinets, the finish is critical to consider before buying paint because the finish will define how the speaker sits in your decoration.

The One Store offers gloss, matte, and satin finish for their white, cream, and black paint. They also provide two off-white finishes and a glossy red finish. So, you have many options to choose from.

Most Likeable Features

The One Paint and Primer is suitable for many surfaces like wood, stone, plastic, metal, etc. Especially wood needs little to no preparation to apply. The one paint is perfect for speaker cabinets because most are made of wood.

Probable Drawbacks

The jar is pretty small for the price. However, only two coats are enough for most surfaces.

Key Features

  • Suitable equally for interior and exterior surfaces
  • Paint and Prime 2-in-1
  • Water-based, non-toxic, ultra-low VOC formula
  • Made in the U.K, Genuine quality

3. Rust-Oleum Universal Enamel Spray Paint | Any Surface

If you don’t want to paint using a brush or a textured roller, spray painting is the only option you have for speaker cabinets. Spray paints are a lot different than regular paint. However, Rust-Oleum universal is the perfect spray paint for this job.

Rust-Oleum Universal spray paints work on almost any surface. You can use these on your wooden speaker cabinets, plastic, metal, fiberglass, and many other substrates! So, this is a very versatile spray paint that you can use for many purposes.

Also, this is an oil-based paint, while most other paints for speaker cabinets are water-based. You should know that water-based paints work perfectly well if you want a quick-drying, no odor, lower sheen finish.

On the other hand, oil-based paints offer a higher sheen, higher durability, all-weather usage, and take 16-20 hours to be ready for more coats! So, if you want durable, vibrant colored spray paint, Rust-Oleum Universal should be your choice!

Click here for a little more about oil and water-based paints.

most Likeable Features

Rust-Oleum Universal spray works perfectly for road cases, speaker cabinet coating, and many other services. Also, it offers 20 different colors with different finishes to choose from. So, you have enough details and options.

Probable Drawbacks

The spray nozzle malfunctions quite much. For some users, the nozzle leaked all over.

Key Features

  • Superior texture, color, and durability
  • Fade and chip resistant
  • Rust protective and UV resistant
  • Paint and primer 2-in-1

4. Granotone Speaker Cabinet Texture Paint | Specialized Speaker Paint

All the other paints in this list are regular paints that work well with speaker cabinets. However, Granotone speaker paint is specialized for speaker and music equipment only.

The paint is water-based polyurethane, which is water-proof and provides a hard, durable gloss. Also, the color stays on the surface instead of penetrating and damaging the surface.

However, a significant issue for most DIY painters is the harmful chemicals. Most DIY painters do not have the necessary equipment to maintain proper safety procedures. That’s why Granotone ensures that their speaker paint doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or any raw material containing VOC.

In the end, Granotone speaker paint offers many other advantages for speaker cabinet texture coating and wood road cases for musical gear. The paint dries fast, creates different textures with pressure during the application, and is odor-free.

So, this is a candidate among the best paints for speaker cabinets.

Most Likeable Features

Granotone speaker paint provides excellent abrasion and scratch protection. Also, you can have the paint top-coated with different colors. However, the main advantage of this paint is its non-toxic nature, with excellent impact resistance.

Probable Drawbacks

This is a roller application paint. So, you need a roller to apply this paint.

Key Features

  • Rich and smooth feel
  • Different texture patterns based on application pressure
  • Chemical resistance, Non-toxic nature
  • Fast-drying with no odor

What Is Paint For Speaker Cabinets

What Is Paint For Speaker Cabinets

If you know how to paint, you can use many different types of paints for speakers. This includes chalk paint, oil-based spray, and latex paints; any color that works with wood will be suitable for cabinets.

However, you must ensure that the color sheen somewhat matches your room’s aesthetics. Otherwise, a speaker cabinet coating might do more damage than good.

Also, you need to keep the color’s finish in mind. Most manufacturers offer gloss, satin, and matte finish. So, get the one you feel suits your room the most.

On the other hand, your speaker cabinet might benefit from texture coating also. Texture coating provides specific details for musical gear cabinets or road cases, especially if they are made of wood.

Ultimately, you need to choose whether you want oil or water-based paint. We have already discussed a little bit about the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of both types. So, try to understand which color suits you more. Nevertheless, rest assured that any color from this list would do a decent job!

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Paint For Speaker Cabinets

best Paint For A Speaker Cabinet

Speakers are loved electronics of any household! They share a unique musical bond with us. So, we don’t want to waste our perfectly working speakers just because they look a little worn-out!

That’s why painting your speaker cabinet is the perfect solution. A proper paint can and will eliminate all the imperfections on the cabinet body. All you need is probably three texture coating, and you’re good to go!

However, there are some things you need to consider before you can start working on your speaker cabinet coating because not all types of paint will be suitable for the kind of finish you want on your speakers.

So, if you are confused about which to buy, first read thoroughly this essential guide of the things to consider before buying paint for a speaker cabinet.

Speaker Cabinet Material

Various types of wood are used to create speaker cabinets. Particle boards are, nonetheless, a common component of commercial speaker cabinets. On the other hand, medium-density fiberboard is frequently used to make high-quality speaker cabinets.

So, your speaker cabinet material can impact the type of paint you use. Usually, oil-based paints, latex-water enamel paints, and hybrid enamels are used. So, check the product description of your speakers to know the material of the cabinet.

Then, check the description of the paint you want to buy and see if the raw material of your cabinet or something similar is present on the usability list.

Room Aesthetics

This is perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing paint. Because the speaker cabinet coating will look better or worse depending on the room aesthetics. So, if you have a matte finish in your room, you should also go for a matte finish on the speakers.

Also, the sheen of the room will dictate the sheen of the paint to choose. Remember these minute details when selecting paint for your speaker cabinet color and texture.

Durability, Fade Resistance, And Tear Resistance

No matter what type of paint you choose, always try to find the most durable and tough coating available. The durability of the color is an essential thing to keep in mind.

Also, good color is fade and tear-resistant. A fade-resistant color will protect the surface of your speaker for a longer time.

How Do You Finish Speaker Cabinets?

How Do You Finish Speaker Cabinets

After painting your cabinet, you can finish it with many different types of glossy finishes. This will ensure that the paint stays on firmly, protect your cabinet material, and look gorgeous! Although this is optional, doing this extra work might help you find the perfect aesthetic you’re looking for.

However, there are some types of finishes that you can choose from. You can select paste finishing wax, special speaker lacquer, etc. Lacquer spraying is a kind of art. Avoid attempting to brush it on! Apply numerous light, light coatings thin lacquer.

On a sunny day, lacquer dries quickly and is prepared for another coat in around 20 minutes. Color sand with 600 grit to 1200 grit between coats, and then use rubbing compound to complete the last coat.

Although, some types of paint do not need an extra finish because they come with polyurethane. Also, you can experiment with enamel (gloss) paint instead. This is not as fancy as lacquer, but it will do the job with meager effort!

So, choose the type of finish that suits you and follow the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What paint is used on speaker boxes?

Usually, water-based latex, hybrid enamel, oil-based paint, chalk paints, etc., are used to paint on speaker boxes. This depends on the material used on the speaker box and the type of finish you want.

2. Can you spray paint a speaker box?

Yes. You can spray paint a speaker box with the proper spray paint. You need enamel spray paint for any surface to paint on the speaker box. Apply three thin coats and sand between coatings.

3. Does spray paint stick to MDF?

Yes. Spray paints that contain primers will adhere to MDF material. You should sand before each coating and apply two to three coatings.

4. What paint is best for MDF?

Oil-based paints work best with MDF. However, be careful with oil-based paints because they usually contain harmful chemicals or VOC. Apply the paint in an open and ventilated area.

5. Can you paint wall speakers?

Of course. You can paint the wall speakers to match the surroundings. A good paint will make the speakers stand out or blend in more depending on what you want!

Final Words

Having good-looking speakers that elevate the overall decoration of your room is a great way to introduce some color and variation to your life. If you’re thinking about painting your old speakers, you should go for it.

However, as you read this far in this article, we hope to have helped you through this journey. Always paint in a well-ventilated area, and wear masks and other protective gear!

Remember, sometimes good music is all you need!

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