Squeeze Bottles for Acrylic Paint

Best Squeeze Bottles for Acrylic Paint – Top 5 Picks for 2023

The majority of acrylic paintings start with a paintbrush, but occasionally we need a fine line or just want to enjoy squeezing paint onto the canvas. I’ll go through my favorite recommendations for the best squeeze bottles for acrylic paint in this post. Let’s get started because there are many of alternatives, from fine points to simple condiment bottles.

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LEOBRO Precision Tip Bottles
LEOBRO Precision Tip Bottles

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Pinnacle Mercantile Easy Squeeze Bottles
Pinnacle Mercantile Easy Squeeze Bottles

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Belinlen 4 Ounce Plastic Squeeze Bottles
Belinlen 4 Ounce Plastic Squeeze Bottles

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1. LEOBRO Precision Tip Bottles

Personally, I adore this set and have it. I’ve used it for my scrapbook collection and acrylic painting. It has so many applications that the price is unquestionably justified. You may apply it precisely since they even function with adhesive. The cost and availability are listed below.

If you enjoy the arts or maybe just need something for your home, this kit is undoubtedly a useful tool. The applicator bottles are the ideal size for putting on complicated items and fine work because they can store 1 oz/30ml of liquid. These bottles are a must for DIY craft projects since they may be filled with acrylic paint, glue, glaze, or other liquids.

The precise tip is composed of rust-resistant metal, and the tip coverings effectively stop the liquid from drying out. The bottles are made of translucent soft flexible plastic. Its flexible container is simple to squeeze, making it ideal for quilting, paper crafts, handcrafts, and other hobbies that call for little droplets, and its fine tip is ideal for applying exact quantities of paint, glue, or other liquids. Our guide to the Acrylic Paint Thinners is also useful products for you.

There are 20 precise bottles in this package. They are portable, strong, simple to use and store, and versatile. I strongly advise keeping this on hand for any of your craft requirements.

User opinions

It was challenging to encapsulate the many compliments that this 20-piece set received. The majority of customers claimed that this kit was useful not just for acrylic painting but also for general household tasks. They were used for scrapbooking, to adhere tiny objects together, to squeeze glue into spaces where it would ordinarily be impossible.

People who bought this set remarked on how sturdy these bottles were, saying that they could be used for a long time without weakening or losing their function. Again, these bottles are essential if you need to draw precise lines in your work or when painting.

2. Pinnacle Mercantile Easy Squeeze Bottles

These bottles have been seen by all of us, whether they were at a restaurant or an arts and crafts shop. These bottles are ideal for keeping more acrylic paint in storage. It’s so simple and handy to take a bottle and start squeezing. I have this set as well. Here are the cost and other details.

Compared to the set above, this one has a bigger opening. Even without a funnel, filling and refilling your paint is quite simple because to its 1-1/8 inch wide aperture. They feature handy long red snap-on caps that are designed to seal. The nozzle/spout may be trimmed down for a bigger dispensing hole when using heavier liquids, and the cap will still click on.

These bottles are composed of flexible LDPE (Low-density polyethylene), a BPA-free plastic that is food grade and safe for consumption. They are refillable and transparent or opaque in color, allowing you to see the contents. They are also dishwasher safe on the top rack!

It only makes cleaning up that much simpler, how great is that. The bottle has a 2 inch diameter and a height of 5-3/4 inches. Additionally, they are all US MADE.

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic with recycling code 4 is used to create these plastic squeeze bottles. Although this material is more malleable and easier to squeeze than a bottle made of high density polyethylene, it is nonetheless just as robust. You may also be interested in some of the Kiss Acrylic Nail Kits from our list.

They are excellent for young children or anyone with weaker hand grips. LDPE is also quite good at withstanding low temperatures, however it is not recommended for hot liquids. These bottles are sturdy and excellent at withstanding impact. The dispensing spout’s tip already has a pre-cut hole, however if your liquids include bigger solid particles, you may easily cut the tip to enlarge the hole size to accept thicker liquids and prevent clumping.

User opinions

I can honestly state that after reading so many reviews, this is among the top squeeze bottles for acrylic paints. They can contain a lot of paint because of their size. I like how sturdy the plastic feels since it allows me to hold the bottle firmly without squeezing out more paint. About 20 of them are kept in storage with acrylic paint, and they haven’t dried out or in any other way harmed my paint. I adore these so much!

3. Belinlen 4 Ounce Plastic Squeeze Bottles

This last package is special since it is smaller in size, but it also includes chalk stickers so you can customize each bottle, measurements on the bottles in case you lose some, and extra caps. To order it before it sells out, click here.

Here are the benefits: This package includes a 12-pack of 4 oz. plastic squeeze bottles with red tip tops. They include additional 6 red caps, 18 chalk labels, 1 pen, 1 red funnel, and 1 cleaning brush in case you need more. For the value, that’s a lot. The substance is completely secure and BPA-free. The bottles are constructed of high-quality LDPE plastic that is free of BPA.

Because they can be used for cooking, acrylic painting, and pretty much anything else in the craft area, these bottles are multifunctional. They work well with sauces, syrups, dressings, oils, vinegar, and condiments. Utilize them for arts and crafts without the mess by putting glue, adhesives, paint, and glitter in them.

They are easier to regulate because they are smaller than the ones I discussed earlier. The tiny flow exporters make it simple to regulate the liquid flow. Without a doubt, I intend to purchase this package. The fact that I can write the names of each of my acrylic paint colors on them and that they have a nice grip is what sells them to me.

User opinions

There were so many positive reviews for this product that I literally could not locate any that were critical. The majority of customers said they appreciate how compact they are and how easy it is to push paint or liquid out of them. They won’t damage your project because they don’t run or have a messy top off, and the plastic is strong and not weak. I’ll add this set to my list without a doubt, and I’ll update this post with my own observations.

Do I Need a Precision Applicator Tip?

Best Squeeze Bottles for Acrylic Paint

Depending on the project you’re working on, you might want to apply your paint using a precise applicator tip. For those who could utilize the fine line bottle applicator’s several uses, I have provided one above.

Fine line applicator with accuracy (Slim 1 oz. bottle)

This choice is ideal for modest tasks that don’t demand much attention.

Bottles of 30 ml Needle Tip Quilling Glue

Key elements consist of:

  • a precise, rust-proof tip
  • both washable and reusable
  • a great way to complete tasks that call for little droppers

You should now be able to choose the applicator bottle you’ll need, I hope. The typical condiment squeeze bottle is my personal favorite since it can be used for so many different things. To learn more about my other preferred paints and equipment, see my previous posts.

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