How to Paint ABS Plastic Motorcycle Parts

How to Paint ABS Plastic Motorcycle Parts? Easy Guide in 2023

Have you ever thought of painting the motorcycle by yourself? Wouldn’t it be convenient to do the color by ownself! Because this will save both time and money.

But most of the bikers do not want to take the risk because they think the final result will be disappointing. But don’t worry, we have got your back. From this article, you will get to learn every step of painting ABS Plastic Motorcycle Parts

How to Paint ABS Plastic Motorcycle Parts

Paint ABS Plastic Motorcycle Parts

Remove the  ABS Plastic Motorcycle Parts

To remove the ABS Plastic, unscrew all of the fasteners that hold them to the motorbike body. Place them in a well-ventilated area to avoid the fumes from the spray paint from becoming too concentrated when you paint the fairings.

After removing the ABS Plastic,  cover the remainder of the motorbike with a tarp to keep it from being exposed to the weather while you work.

Clean the Parts

To remove any debris from the surface, clean the parts with soapy water. In a bucket, combine common dish soap and hot water, then dip a sponge into the water and use it to clean the fairings. For optimal results, use a circular scrubbing motion.

When you’re finished, make sure to rinse away all of the soapy water before moving on to the following step. If your fairings have already been used, pay special attention to any areas that have gathered black engine muck over time. These regions may want particular care in order to be thoroughly cleaned.

Sand the Surface

Try to Sand the surface in a circular motion and apply moderate pressure on it. Trying to make the fairings’ surface as smooth as possible will make it much simpler for the primer and paint to adhere to the surface later on.

After Sanding the surface you will get a large amount of dust accumulating on the fairings, which must be cleaned before painting them. You can not apply the paint to the dust. Thus Wipe off the fairing with water. After removing all the dust with water use a microfiber cloth to ensure that all dust has been gone.

Paint the Parts

Spray the primer over the surface in a smooth, uniform layer. Using a primer is not mandatory but gives a nice finish. To prevent leaving spots, spray it in even strokes without pausing in any one location. Finally, let the primer dry for at least 3-6 hours.

After the primer is set on the surface completely, cover the whole surface of the fairings with this first layer. Be careful not to leave any patches where the primer may be seen. This thin coat should dry in around 6 hours.

Most of the time multiple layers of paint are necessary to cover the parts. So if you are ready to give another coat then Squirt some water over the surface of the fairings to moisten them, then sand them smooth. You can use 100 grit sandpaper for this.

After you’re finished, go over the fairings with a microfiber cloth to remove any grit and ensure they’re totally dry before applying more paint to them.

Apply Another Coat

Ensure that the spray paint is applied in equal strokes throughout the surface of the ABS plastic motorcycle is not necessary to wait longer than 3 hours for the paint to dry if desired. but it is important to allow the paint at least 3 hours for it to dry fully.

This is a method known as grip coats, in which each layer of paint grips the previous coat. This results in a thicker, richer appearance to the paint, giving it a more professional appearance. Allow at least five to six hours after applying the last layer for the paint to dry.

Let it Dry

Allow the motorcycle parts to dry about 24 hours before reattaching them to the bike. To reconnect the fairings to the motorbike, use the same bolts that you removed at the start of this operation. When this is completed, the bike is ready to ride.

Final Words

Paintings ABS Plastic Motorcycle Parts

As now you know How to Paint ABS Plastic Motorcycle Parts, you are ready to give your bike the new look. Painting the bike is not tricky, you just have to be patient and follow the steps accordingly. Remember not to apply paint or primer on the dirt. Many people skip cleaning the parts. If you have any questions or confusion, do let us know.

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