How to Use Aircraft Paint Remover

How to Use Aircraft Paint Remover? Easy Method Explained in 2023

When we get tired of the same old paint or want to give a new look to the automobiles the first thing, we consider is painting the vehicle. But can you apply the paint directly to the old paint? No, you cannot. If anyone tries to do so this will bring a horrible result. So what is the solution? The solution is to remove the old paint with the best aircraft paint remover. Yes, It is not as easy as it sounds.

The remover is made of Dichloromethane, often known as methylene chloride, which is the active component that helps the old paint to melt. There are some steps that need to be followed. You can find an in-depth suggestion for Aircraft Paint Remover by simply clicking here.

What is a Paint Remover?

What is a Paint Remover?

A paint stripper, sometimes known as a paint remover, is a chemical substance that is used to remove paint and coatings while simultaneously cleaning the underlying surface.

The material safety data sheet for the product contains additional safety information than the product labels.

Paint removers, in general, penetrate the paint film with the help of the primary ingredient’s activity, resulting in swelling. This causes an increase in volume, which reduces the adherence of paint layers and causes the paint to separate from the surface.

Some paint removers incorporate corrosion inhibitors and the paint remover’s storage vessel against corrosion damage. Colorants and surfactants may also be present in some goods.

When preparing to repair a piece of furniture, direct access to the material is necessary, as is a clean and smooth surface prior to the application of any type of treatment or paint.

Some surfaces have previously had paint and varnish applied to them, and we cannot repaint them straight since the fresh coats of paint would not adhere correctly.

This occurs, for example, with epoxy floor coatings and numerous furniture varnishes, necessitating the employment of a paint remover to remove these layers. You can Read out our Blogs for How to Paint a Mobile Home Exterior Door as well.

How to Use Aircraft Paint Remover

Use Aircraft Paint Remover

First of all, you have to take the best quality paint remover from the market. Try to look for reviews, ingredients, chemicals, etc.


Safety comes first. As mentioned before the paint remover is made of  Dichloromethane that is an active component. It is necessary to take essential precautions to use the striper.

Taking rubber gloves or other gloves that are chemical resistant does not harm the hands. It is better to use the remover in an open space for example in the yard or an open field. Don’t forget to wear gloves the whole time you are working with the remover.

The eye is a very sensitive organ, so covering the eyes is crucial. Wear plastic glasses that cover the whole eye area. The glasses will save you from eye burning and any other accident during work.

Finally, to protect the skin it is better to wear a PPE so that if the remover splashes you don’t burn your skin. Because the remover will strip off the skin from the body as it removes off the paint from the surface.

So wear a mask, a face shield to protect the whole face from any type of splash that may occur), use PPE and rubber gloves.

Pour the Remover

You cannot use the remover directly from the bottle. To use that you have to pour the stripper into a plastic container. It is safe to use a plastic container because this will not create any chemical reaction.

Cover half of the container, it is not wise to cover the whale space of the container. Then for applying the paint to the surface you will need a brush. The size of the brush will depend on the surface you are planning to apply.

Brush the remover

As you are ready with the remover and the brush, now it is time to put the striper on the surface. Gently apply the remover on the surface. Make sure that the whole surface is being covered. Once it is done apply the paint on the surface, wait for a few minutes.

Now the question is how long do you have to wait. Well this depends on the paint. When the paint starts bubbling up, that means the paint is removed. Here one point is to be noted. If you apply a thin coat of the remover the paint will dry again before removing and it will be hard to remove the paint. So apply a thick coat so that the surface stays wet.

Remove the Paint

You need a spatula for this step. With the spatula scrape the wet paint downwards. And the paint will come off easily. The paint will drip over the floor so it is better to use paper or old cloth underneath.

That is how most of the paint will be removed. But some will still be there. To remove the rest of the paint use sandpaper wet the paper in the water and keep scrubbing the surface. And that is how you can remove the paint by using an aircraft paint remover.

And finally, use a wet cloth to clean the surface and then use a dry cloth to clean it again.

How to strip paint with aircraft remover

Final Words

Aircraft Paint Remover

Knowing how to use aircraft paint remover is very important because this is a chemical substance, so if it is not used properly the users may end up having an accident, which can burn the skin or face. This it is crucial to take all the safety precautions first then go for the other steps as mentioned.

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